We are Kombi

Kombi is a entertainment company between founders Pablo Serrano from The People’s Stage Karaoke and Richard Morales from RatioNation/Pilsen Fest focused on bringing to Chicago the best music experiences centered around Latino Identity. In collaboration with team members Rich Contreras and Gonzalo Jimenez, Kombi develops, produces and executes some of Chicago’s best parties.

We strive to fully embrace the hybridity of our diverse Mexican-American immigrant experiences and create spaces where all people can connect on all our stages and dance floors. As children of immigrants and immigrants ourselves we understand the importance of culture as a means to connect across different times and spaces to achieve a community where we can all shine as individuals but connect as a community  — Pablo Serrano

No social experience is too small or large to bring our kind of entertainment. As Kombi has been fortunate to be a part of The Taste of Chicago and Pilsen Fest. We have collaborated on special parties with Mole De Mayo and Ruido Fest. Along with producing the very first Chicago Karaoke Festival in collaboration with the Chicago Park District. We have strong partnerships with local bars and venues Simone’s, Caminos de Michoacan, 10 Doors, DeColores.

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